Ever wonder the benefits of using handmade soap?  Continue reading to discover some of the many benefits of choosing to use handmade soap.

Why Handmade Soap

  • Handmade Soap is made from whole ingredients, not chemicals or detergents.

Our soaps contain olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, castor oil, and many other wonderful skin loving whole ingredients.  We do not alter them or remove any of their natural properties.

Our soap is made in the “cold process” method.  To make our soap, we use a process called “saponification”, which is a chemical reaction between whole oils and a substance called sodium hydroxide, or lye.  After this chemical process is complete, you no longer have oils or lye, you have soap!

  • Handmade soap retains natural glycerin, which aids moisturization.

Commercially made soaps remove glycerin.  We do not remove glycerin, in fact, we love glycerin!  It helps moisturize our skin.  Ever wonder why your skin feels so dry after using a commercial bar of soap?  The glycerin was removed.

  • Handmade soap is better for the environment, less packaging and chemicals.

We use environmentally friendly packaging, thus removing unnecessary plastic from landfills.  Handmade soap also keeps chemicals out of the water systems.

  • By choosing to buy handmade soap, you support local artists, instead of massive corporations.

By using handmade soap, you are supporting a local business, which keeps the money local, instead of corporate.  Each bar of soap is hand poured, hand cut, and hand labeled.  No robots involved!


In conclusion, handmade soap has many wonderful benefits, we hope you try some today!